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Are you an agribusiness owner? Let's talk about agribusiness insurance.

If you are an implement dealer, grain dealer, feed mill, fertilizer manufacturer, there is lots to know about agribusiness coverage.

Agribusinesses have so many risks – fire, explosion, tainted feed and manufacturing and delivery errors, just to name a few.

It is very important that you and your agent understand the unique hazards and risks concerning your business. It is also important that you are able to create a customized risk management program to help reduce or eliminate losses and help you meet or exceed industry safety standards for facilities like your own.

You know that the industry is ever-changing and filled with the ups and downs of certain and uncertain times dependent on factors like the weather, market value, etc. The more uncertain situations threaten, the more you need a partnership with a dependable, agribusiness insurance agent and carrier.

We suggest that the best fit for you and your business will provide peace of mind, security and the strength as well as years of experience and industry knowledge. You should be able to partner with your agent and carrier to design/implement innovative programs that provide comprehensive protection.

Some of the typical types of insurance coverage you will need for your business are discussed below.

General liability insurance
General liability protects your business from premises and product liability issues.

Property insurance
This coverage protects your products, buildings and machinery.

Business income insurance
Business income covers extra expenses or replaces loss of income while your business is being rebuilt due to an insured loss.

Commercial auto and fleet insurance
Commercial auto and fleet protects your vehicles that transport product, employees or equipment.

Commercial umbrella liability insurance
This coverage provides additional protection above standard liability coverage.

Crime insurance
Crime insurance protects your business against theft, including employee dishonesty.

Workers' compensation insurance
Workers' compensation protects your employees when they're injured at work.

Bottom line is whether you are a farm store, feed lot, ingredient manufacturer, mill or other type of agribusiness, find an agent that specializes in agribusiness so they can work with you and the appropriate carriers to get you and your business protected.