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Auto Insurance Myths

There is a lot of mis-information out there about personal auto policies. Let's take a minute to clear some of them up.

Myth 1 -My liability covers hit & run accidents and UNinsured motorists.
Truth -Uninsured motorists coverage is not included but can be added to your policy. Make sure it is.

Myth 2 -My policy automatically pays for a rental car.
Truth -this is not included in basic auto insurance policies, but you can add it.

Myth 3 -My uninsured motorist coverage covers damage to my property.
Truth -In Oklahoma it only covers bodily injury.

Myth 4 -All of my medical expenses will be covered if I am in a car accident.
Truth -You can purchase "med pay" to assist with minor medical expenses.

Myth 5 -If I drive my friend's car, my coverage follows me.
Truth -There will be some coverage that follows you, but you must meet the requirement covered. Look at your policy under "Coverage for the use of other cars."