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Cheap insurance is not always the best option. Be sure you are comparing apples to apples.

If you believe everything you hear, you might think that the super cheap insurance options provide you with the same coverages that you might pay more for, but you could be really wrong.

It is a very common misperception that the only difference among insurance policies is the price - this is very wrong and can put you and your family and/or business at risk.

If you shop on price alone, you could be putting yourself out there for significant and potentially catastrophic coverage gaps. (Think I am being a bit dramatic? I am being honest - I don't want you to get zapped.)

So many times the cheaper coverages have a large number of exclusions - or things and situations that are NOT covered. You may save money month to month, but when an accident happens and you file a claim you may not have the coverage you need. (Probably more likely than not...) So what that means for you, is you may have saved $375 a year, but you are paying way more $$$$ out of pocket.

It is not always "same coverage, better value" - you really need to sit down with an agent and look at policies side by side to see what is included and excluded.