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Collision and Comprehensive Coverage for Your Auto

A basic auto policy has several different types of coverage. Today let's talk about property damage to your vehicle. There can be two different kinds, collision and other than collision, also known as comprehensive.

Your comprehensive coverage reimburses you for loss due to theft or damage caused by something other than a collision with another car or object. If your car is damaged in a fire, a spring hail storm leaves dents and dings all over the body or you come in contact with a deer, the comprehensive coverage will reimburse you less your deductible.

Comprehensive also covers you if your windshield is cracked or shattered.

So what about damage to your car when you back into another vehicle? That is where collision comes in. This coverage pays for damage to your insured vehicle resulting from a collision with another car, object, or as a result of flipping over. It may also cover damages caused by potholes. Even if you are at fault, your collision coverage will reimburse you the costs of repairing your car, minus the deductible.

Something to consider instead of limiting coverage is to increase your deductible amount on a higher limit policy. Your premium will be less and your coverage will be more.