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More Auto Insurance Myths

Myth 1 -There is no liability coverage for trailers.
Truth -When it is attached to your insured vehicle, there is.

Myth 2 -All the custom work I have done on my car is covered.
Truth -Your basic policy only covers your vehicle as a stock model. You need to buy an endorsement, or extend your coverage, to cover all of the goodies you add.

Myth 3 -All of my personal items in my car are covered under my auto policy.
Truth -Your homeowners/renters will pay for stolen contents, not auto coverage.

Myth 4 -I still owe on my car, but if I wreck it, my insurance will pay off the remaining loan balance.
Truth -Your coverage will only pay the actual cash value of your vehicle. You will need to buy GAP policy to pay off any additional money owed over that amount.

Myth 5 -My policy will pay for a rental vehicle if mine breaks down.
Truth -You can add this to your coverage, but it isn't always included.

Myth 6 -My windshield will be repaired at no cost if it is damaged by debris.
Truth -Check you policy - not all companies automatically include this type of repair.