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Rain, rain go away. Driving in heavy rain tips.

We all need to remember weather demands our undivided attention, so we have to turn down the radio and minimize other distractions. Sometimes, the best driving decision you can make is to stay off the road until the weather improves.

Heavy rain equates to poor visibility so, if you have to drive, take it slow and stay focused.

Be prepared for hydroplaning. When there is so much rain that tires travel on the water rather than the surface of the road, it makes for an unsafe situation. This will make braking and turning more difficult to control.

The first 20 minutes of a rain storm are the most dangerous as oils on roadways make for slick conditions. If you can put of your departure instead of hitting the roadway while the roads are super slick, it can be safer for you and your passengers.

If you don't have automatic headlights, turn your headlights on to help other vehicles see you.

Give vehicles around you more space. Back off of those drivers in front of you and make sure you are aware of how close others are to you.