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Ten Things every car owner should know how to do.

Check your Oil. Check your owner's manual to find out what type and amount of oil your car needs. Also, you need to know how often the manufacturer recommends changing the oil for your car. Learn more about how to check your car's oil here:

Change a Flat Tire. Know where everything is before you take off. Do you have a jack? Do you have a spare that is ready to use? See step-by-step here:

Replace Windshield Wipers. Not only changing them, but maintaining them for optimal use is need to know. Learn more:

Add Wiper Fluid. If you let it get low or empty, your visibility may be lowered. See Ford's step-by-step instructions here:

Locate the battery & know how to use jumper cables. Some batteries are easily accessible, while others are blocked by hoses or other interior parts so know what your car's situation is before taking off. Also, make sure you know how to use jumper cables the right way because jump starting a car incorrectly can be dangerous for both you and your car. See what tips Good Housekeeping has for jumping your car:

Check your Tire Pressure. Not only does the correct tire pressure make for safer driving, it improves your miles per gallon usage. See what your tires require and keep them there! Learn more here:

Locate and Assess Belts. This writer just learned something:

Change a Car Light Bulb. Then there's the array of little lights installed all over the vehicle. Here is how to change your headlight:

Check Coolant Levels. Along with wiper fluid, engine oil and other essential fluids, coolant is something your vehicle needs to run. Here are some basics:

Understand the Check Engine Light. You need to know that your check engine light is often used to alert you of serious engine trouble, like a loss of oil. In newer models, the check engine lights come on because the engine computer systems senses a change in fuel-air mix or some other kind of operating ratio which is a big deal. Here are some reasons it may be on: