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Tips for safe driving. Things to remember.

Pay attention. It can be easy to assume everyone else on the road is paying attention, following traffic laws and can see you clearly. That is not always the case.

It isn't a race. Go with the flow and drive defensively. If you think of yourself as part of a community of drivers all trying to get to your destinations safely, your safe driving behavior may rub off on others and help create safer conditions for everyone on the road.

Don't get bent out of shape. Take a deep breath and just let bad and aggressive drivers roll off your back.

Here are some ways to help prevent your emotions from getting the best of you on the roadway:

Use your turn signals and leave plenty of room when turning or changing lanes.

Be patient when traffic delays slow you down.

Keep a safe following distance behind other vehicles. You don't want to be too close when the car in front of you stops suddenly!

Avoid confronting aggressive drivers - be polite and courteous.