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We have all seen the “My Daddy works here” signs….what to know about driving in work zones.

When you have to be somewhere and traffic piles up because of construction, it can be easy to become impatient and irritated.

Follow these tips to help you and others stay safe in work zones:

Be prepared for the unexpected. Things can change quickly in work zones. Slow or stopped traffic, lane closure or equipment and workers on the roadway are all possible.

Slow down. More than one-third of fatal accidents in work zones are caused by speeding so obey the posted speed limit, even if you do not see any work currently in progress.

Keep a safe following distance. Rear-end collisions account a large number of work zone accidents. Get in the habit of keeping a safe distance between you and other cars and construction workers and equipment to help avoid accidents.

Obey road crew and road signs. Flaggers and warning signs are there to help all drivers move safely through the work zone.

Stay alert and focused. Your full attention should be on the road. Multitasking while driving is never recommended, especially through a work zone.

Keep up with traffic. Do not slow down to watch the roadwork.

Plan ahead. Before hitting the road, check a traffic report for delays. Be sure to plan enough time to help you reach your destination on time so you aren't rushed.

Be patient. While roadwork can be an inconvenience, remember that the crews are working to improve roads and doing their job.

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