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When the wind comes sweeping down the plain. How to drive in strong winds.

We all need to remember weather demands our undivided attention, so we have to turn down the radio and minimize other distractions.

Sometimes, the best driving decision you can make is to stay off the road until the weather improves.

Wind is an invisible threat. Highway overpasses, tunnels and roadways that cut through mountainous areas can act as funnels/tunnels for the wind gusts and can catch you by surprise while driving.

Stay safe by anticipating gusts.Take special care when driving through areas where wind is likely to get funneled.

Also, pay attention to larger vehicles. Be aware of where tractor-trailers and other large vehicles are around you because they are more susceptible to high winds and can blow into your path!

Keep a firm grip on the wheel with both hands on the wheel in case the wind moves your vehicle.